Bio: RICHARD DAVID KENNEDY is a novelist, poet, philosopher and littérateur. His works include the anthology, House Of December, originally published in 1972, and his novels: Simon, The Dunning Of Harley Nesbit, The Trip, The Encuentro: A Contemporary Fairy Tale For Ribald Adults– a comedic masterpiece, and now The Profit, what he regards as his crowning achievement. His volumes of verse include, Gems, Love & Similar States Of Insanity, Philippics, Samsson, Spills, Miscellany: Major Minor Works and The Antikythera, a book of aphorisms, philosophical musings, poetry and social commentary. Just released this fall are Where The Water Falls, Fears and Years Apart and When Never Shall We Die, The Collected Works. He has also published two acclaimed satirical profiles about the My Space social network site (The DisGrace Of MySpace) before it was reformatted. An honors graduate of the University of Houston, where he received the prestigious Houston Psychological Association’s “Award For Excellence In Psychology” upon graduation, he currently resides in the DFW area. Mr. Kennedy’s books are available in print and download for eBook mobile devices via Apple iBooks, Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble, Google Books/Google Play, Lulu, Kobo, and Nook Press.

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